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What's the biggest fear when listing with a REALTOR®?

Unlike any other REALTOR in our area, our market exclusive One Day Listing Guarantee allows you to cancel the listing contract anytime if you are unhappy with our service. We take the risk and fear out of selling your home with a real estate agent.

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How to Sell a Home in Today's Market

The real estate market shifts all the time. Sometimes it's in the buyer's court, sometimes it's in the seller's court and very rarely it's a balanced market. But regardless of what the market is doing, sometimes you just have to sell. It may not be your choice. It may be job related, family related, or maybe you have just found your dream home and have to sell your current home. Whatever the reason, you need to sell and you need to sell fast and for the right price.

This is what you really should enlist the help of a real estate agent. Not just anyone, mind you. This is not the time to give ol' Burt, a cousin of your brother-in-law who just got in the business, a chance at his first sale. Heck, maybe it's even his 5th sale - but remember, this is YOUR money and it matters WHO sells your home. Do you want to lose money? Do you want to sit on the market forever while you wait for the perfect buyer that will offer way more than the house is worth? Do you want an agent that just tells you what you want to hear or do you want a serious real estate transaction? 

No one likes to site on the market one minute more than they have to. You want to list the house, be ready for a sale and move on pending as quickly as possible. 

This is why the most important thing to know about listing and selling in today's market is getting the right real estate listing agent from the beginning. 

Try us out. Find out for yourself why we have more successful sales than most agents in the Carson City and Dayton real estate area. Not only do we live here, we play here and work here and love the Tahoe and Carson City area. Let us be your guide to staging, prepping, pricing, marketing, listing and selling your home or property FAST! I look forward to helping you sell your home. 

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