Choosing the right home is about more than just the number of bedrooms, the square footage, or the style of architecture. Buyers also need to keep in mind the community the home is in, and the lifestyle it supports. Living in a golf course community comes with many benefits, and those are not reserved for people living in a major city.

Even in Dayton, you can enjoy the perks of living on a golf course, while still taking advantage of the peaceful lifestyle and small town charm residents of Dayton value. Dayton Valley Golf Course is one of the best in Nevada, surrounded by a beautiful residential community that provides all the best parts of living in a golf course community with the peaceful, quiet lifestyle of Dayton.

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Not sure if living in a golf course community is the right fit for you? Consider these benefits of living in a golf course community and whether they fit your wish list.

1. Immediate access to the course

Perhaps the most obvious perk of living in a golf course community is the quick access to the course itself. golfers can squeeze in a little time at the driving range or a full game any time, with a commute of close to zero.

2. Beautiful views that won't be developed

When you live on or near a golf course, you can count on beautiful views. At Dayton Valley Golf Course, this means a beautiful combination of mountains and fairways. You won't have to worry that the beautiful view outside your window will one day be developed. Instead of a wide open field waiting for someone to transform it into something else, the golf course will be a beautifully maintained green space with professionally trimmed trees, and rolling hills.

3. Access to special events

Exclusive community events, tournaments, and seasonal gatherings are available to residents of a golf course community. If you are looking to connect with your neighbors and fill your social calendar in a new community, living in a golf course community is one of the easiest ways to do just that.

Dayton Valley Golf Course hosts special events and tournaments throughout the year, and at the clubhouse you can enjoy dueling pianos, live entertainment, or other social gatherings. You can also plan a private event in the space, offering a convenient alternative to hosting in your own home.

4. Convenient healthy lifestyle

Whether you enjoy golfing or not, living in a golf course community means being able to access the healthy lifestyle activities you do prefer. Take a walk or jog along the beautiful course to take full advantage of living in the neighborhood. Meet up with neighbors for daily exercise or play a quick round of 9 holes to stay active and healthy any day of the week. Living in Dayton Valley Golf Course offers the lifestyle you are looking for among likeminded neighbors.

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