You may have heard that there are better times to sell your home and some times when you should avoid listing it. We think it's not actually that simple. There are pros and cons to selling or buying a home any time of year, and with the right perspective, you can leverage these pros for your benefit.Reasons to Sell Your Home Before the Holidays

With winter right around the corner, consider these reasons to sell your home before the holidays.

Buyers are Serious and Motivated

While there may be fewer buyers looking to purchase a home in November and December, those who are looking are likely motivated and serious. They will be driven to make offers quickly, negotiate efficiently, and likely have their financial factors in order to avoid closing delays. If you are selling your home, this is an ideal situation.

When you list your home in the Spring or Summer, chances are high that your open house will welcome in curious shoppers who may not be ready to buy right away. Other more serious buyers are still not going to have the same sense of urgency, possibly more willing to wait another month to see what other options come on the market. On the other hand, if a buyer is looking at homes during the last week of November, chances are high that they are looking to put an offer in quickly.

Why are buyers more motivated during this time of year? It could be that they want to close before Christmas so they can move in, or perhaps they are urgently looking to take advantage of tax benefits from homeownership during this calendar year. They may also be in the market because of a life change like a new job that requires a relocation on a specific timeline.

Inventory is Lowest during the Holidays

Current inventory is slightly higher than it was during its record lows last year, but we are still seeing lower supply than demand for housing. This ratio will shift even more in your favor as you draw nearer to the holidays, with fewer sellers willing to have their home on the market during this season. Sellers who are listing the home while living in it are particularly resistant to keep their homes on the market during the end of the year, and many wait until Spring to list the home.

This means those serious, motivated, and prepared buyers we talked about are on the hunt and have even fewer options to choose from. Less competition for you is always a good thing.

Winter Showcases a Unique Side of Your Home

If your home always looks its best with some tasteful seasonal decor, fall colors on the trees, or snow in the yard, showing it during the holidays will allow it to put its best foot forward. Make sure to stage the home in a way that showcases all its best seasonal perks, like a cozy fireplace, a picturesque winter landscape, or a welcoming seasonal scent in the kitchen.

Many neighborhoods also look their best during this festive time of year. Buyers are looking not just at your home, but the community surrounding it. When all the neighbors have front porches decked out for the holidays, the atmosphere will be a selling point for your potential buyers.

The Bottom Line

What it all comes down to is this: if the timing is best for you right now, there is no reason to wait for Spring. There are motivated buyers ready to make an offer on your property before the end of the year, and we can help you find them. Contact us to learn more!

Let's chat about how we can price your home and prepare for a successful home sale. To learn more about selling your home this fall, contact us any time! For more information about preparing your home for sale, contact us any time!  Contact our office for information on Carson City home styles or Dayton NV real estate.

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