Are you thinking ahead toward listing your home in the near future? Many people wonder what buyers are looking for, so they know where to focus preparation efforts as they get the house ready. We always recommend talking with us before investing any time and money into getting your home ready for listing; we can tell you where your resources will be best spent for the highest ROI. Give us a call any time to get started!What are Home Buyers Looking For

To give you an idea in the meantime, we've put together a list of the top things buyers are looking for. Keep in mind that your home doesn't need to have everything on the list to sell well, but you may benefit from adding in a few of these things as you prepare your home for listing.

Laundry Rooms

One of the top features many buyers are looking for is a laundry room. While laundry hookups in the garage, basement, or a closet are still far better than none at all, a true walk-in laundry room is on the wish list for most buyers. In fact, according to one survey, at least 87% of buyers in 2022 were looking for a home with a laundry room.

While it is likely out of the question to add a laundry room before selling your house, consider it if you are planning a remodeling project. This will add value to your home and become a major selling point.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are another big perk for many buyers. While their absence is unlikely to be a dealbreaker, buyers love to see ceiling fans in bedrooms and living spaces. As a more energy efficient alternative to air conditioning, ceiling fans represent a money saving solution.

If you are already planning on upgrading lighting in parts of the home before listing it, find out if your wiring will accommodate a ceiling fan in any of the rooms. This relatively minimal investment may really catch the eye of your ideal buyer.

ENERGY STAR-rated Windows

Windows can be a costly upgrade, but if you know your home needs new windows anyway, it makes sense to go for the option most buyers are looking for: ENERGY STAR. These efficient windows represent a climate and budget friendly alternative to the single paned version you may currently have.

Patio or Outdoor Living Space

Many buyers are looking for outdoor living space, whether it is a back patio, a front porch, or another seating area on the property. Consider staging a part of your outdoor space to show its potential, or adding on to the existing hardscaping to create a larger outdoor living space.

Walk-In Pantry

Walk-in pantries, much like laundry rooms, are on the wish list of many buyers today. Also like laundry rooms, you likely cannot add a walk-in pantry unless you are already planning a remodeling project before listing.

If your home does have a walk-in pantry, highlight it with some staging by going for an attractive and organized space, adding lighting to showcase this coveted feature.

High Efficiency Appliances and Lighting

You likely already know that buyers are looking for energy efficiency. They want to be kinder to the earth, and to their wallets. If you plan to upgrade any appliances or lighting fixtures before listing, focus on finding high efficiency options and making sure to note these upgrades to us so we can highlight them to potential buyers.

Hardwood or LVP Flooring

Many people choose to update their flooring before listing. Depending on how old and worn your existing flooring is, providing either new flooring or a flooring credit can be virtually essential. If you are going to replace the flooring before listing, focus on hardwood or luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring that most buyers are looking for today, especially in the living areas.

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